Last of the rayas: An eyewitness account of the defeat and death of Rama Raya of Vijaynagara at Talikota   Leave a comment

The Seringapatam Times

On January 26, 1565, South Indian history changed it’s faultlines for ever. The Hindu empire of Vijaynagara confronted the combined armies of the Muslim Deccan at the battlefield of Talikota and was decimated here.

An excellent first hand account of this epic battle is provided by the chronicle Tazkiratul – Muluk written by Rafiuddin Shirazi who wrote a history of his patron kings, the Adil Shahis of Bijapur. Shirazi travelled from Persia and reached Bijapur in 1560. He was absorbed into the elite of the Adil Shahi court and served in various senior positions including the Khan-e-Salar (Commander) of the army, Tahvildar(Accountant) of treasury, etc.

I will now piece together the events of that day from the narrative of Shirazi adding to it information from other sources regarding that fateful day.

After resolving all mutual differences through agreements between themselves, cemented by marriage alliances, the Sultans assembled to do battle…

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