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Cathedral Frontiers: The Outer Rim of the medieval Latin Church   Leave a comment

Stained Glass Attitudes

So here I hurdle towards completing the second (and I’m pinning it to the wall as FINAL) global pandemic project of finding every medieval cathedral in the Latin Church. Here I combine the Balkans, central Europe, the Baltic, Ireland, Scotland and Scandinavia as a frontier that stretches from the Dnieper to the Americas to tidy up (almost) the last ones outside of the traditional cathedral centres of France, England, Germany, Italy and Spain.

I have written a 65-page PDF of all of these buildings available for donation of moneys in case you have no idea what any of them are. But first: here is a taster of the extremities of these frontiers. The western, northern, north-eastern and south-easternmost cathedrals of the Latin Church.

Westernmost medieval cathedral

Garðar (Greenland)

It is extremely little-known that the medieval Latin church founded a diocese, with an actual cathedral church with residential bishops, in the…

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Posted August 12, 2021 by Aadil in Aadil's Astronomy Space and Travels