Pashupata Cult and the Ancient Temples of Bhubaneshwar   Leave a comment


During 1980s, I visited Bhubaneswar regularly and as a child one thing that always fascinated me were its numerous Shiva temples. Richly adorned with sculptures of Hindu divinities, mythical beasts, foliage and ordinary men and women, the child in me wondered why there were so many temples dedicated to a single deity? As I grew older, one particular sculpture never failed to fascinate me and that was – Lakulisha, a Shaivite teacher who closely resembled Gautama Buddha.


Rajarani Temple

Bhubaneswar Temples 149

Parasurameswar Temple, Rear View

Bhubaneswar Temples 141

Parasurameswara Temple, Front View


Vaital Deala


Lingaraj Temple

7th century CE heralded an era that marked the beginning of temple building activity in Bhubaneshwar. It was an interesting time period in history as dynasties like the Mauryas and the Guptas were no longer extant and there was no pan Indian empire. But thanks to their contribution of bringing India together in the preceding centuries, there was…

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