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Kevin Standage


This is one of those monuments that is missed by almost all visitors to Khajuraho. Although it is just 180m north of the Chitragupta Temple, it lies outside the western group of temples complex.

To find it, turn left immediately after leaving the Western Temples complex and continue along the Rajnagar Road for about 300m. Then take the first left along Lalguwan Road for further 300m. Chopra Tank lies in the middle of waste land to your right, enclosed by a wire fence, with only a couple of rather bored looking guards for company. The location is marked on Google Maps as “Chopra Tank Unesco”


The Chopra Tank is a three storied stepped tank, square in plan, dating to around the 11th century A.D. Sadly it is very much in a ruined condition today. I very much felt like it’s an abandoned orphan, detached from its more glamorous counterparts, and…

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