Lyrid Meteor Shower and Big Sunspot Activity.   Leave a comment

LYRID METEOR SHOWER: Earth is entering a stream of dusty debris from Comet Thatcher, source of the annual Lyrid meteor shower. Forecasters expect the shower to peak on April 22nd with as many as 20 meteors per hour, although visibility will be reduced by bright moonlight. The best time to look, no matter where you live, is Friday morning during the hours before local dawn. Visit for live meteor counts and more information.

BIG SUNSPOTS: This week the sun is dotted with several large spots, a situation that will become increasingly common as Solar Cycle 24 intensifies. Our new White Light Solar Observing System allows you to safely monitor these behemoth sources of solar activity. Click here for more information:

New subscribers may sign up for free space weather alerts at

Posted April 22, 2011 by Aadil in Aadil's Astronomy Space and Travels

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